Story telling, and sharing known and unknown worlds with others, is my focal point. My everyday life is about noticing life around me, wherever I am. I am interested in people, their vision of life, how they look at each other and not least how they look at themselves, which is the driving force in my writing as well as my need for exploring the world. In addition, I am curious about the environment that surrounds us (friends, family, society and culture), and what it does to us in terms of exploiting the potential each of us represent. Do our surroundings encourage and motivate us to bring this potential to life, or is it the opposite that is actually the case? What resources do we choose to bring into use, and what are we leaving behind? Would we choose to do things differently, if we felt we had an option?


I am attracted to people who dare to do, and who are not limited by fear.

People who dare to explore who they are, dare to explore what is out there, and dare to make use of their own potential, both in terms of physique and mentality, but also when it comes to the emotional part of life.


I am originally an educated teacher, graphic designer and musician, so telling a story has always been the center of my attention. In order to expand my world as much as possible, I'm always seeking adventure, in many shapes and forms, and always looking for unexplored land.

© Pernille Bernitt Sommer