When I first traveled to Israel and Palestine in 2008, I knew nearly nothing about the population nor the conflict. Because of that, I would never have imagined myself diving into the situation the way I did. Meeting both Israelis and Palestinians immediately left the conflict relevant to me, and it became important for me to understand the circumstances or at least try to put myself in the shoes of the people involved.


In general, I am driven by the desire to better understand the human being as well as the things going on between people. In that regard I was confronted with a particular complexity in Israel and Palestine. A complexity that seems to be a synonym for the Holy Land.


During the trip, I started writing down my experiences. To begin with only a few lines, but soon I ended up writing larger text bites every day. There was a lot to digest both regarding my own experiences, but also the many stories I was told. A way for me to cope with it all was to get it down on paper. At that time, it was not my intention, that these reflections would be the starting point for a novel later on. Nevertheless, that's how things turned out led by curiosity, commitment, dedication and passion. I now offer talks and courses in continuation of this novel.


The title of the book is Love your enemy? Read more here.

© Pernille Bernitt Sommer