Mentoring - when you want to move forward!


Without being naive, I wish to live in a happy and flourishing world, where each of us, from our sincere and true self, lift each other up and encourage each other to move forward and to put ideas into practice. It's not you and I against the world, but you and I along with the world.


When I started writing 'Love your enemy?' (published in Danish in June 2017), I actually never imagined, that it was a project I would be able to finish. Writing an entire book seemed completely unimaginable. I had never been anywhere near a writing proces like that, though writing has always been a part of me.


How do you write a book? Where do you start and where do you end, and how do you fill in the entire middle? Who do I ask for advice along the way, and who will support and believe in me, when I lose faith in myself and just want to give up?



No one had asked me to write a novel, so no one would ever notice, if I did not do it. In many ways it would have been easier just to go to work every morning like everyone else and have the boss to decide, what kind of work that needed to be done. But that wouldn’t have been right for me. I did quit my job to sanctify what I really wanted in life. Writing the book was not only a dream, but also a mission. To engage myself in (and confront myself with) one of the world's most discussed conflicts with the intention to put it into words and subsequently share, both process and outcome, with the outside world, was definitely intended to move me from one place to another. It leaves me more prepared to helping others to do the same.


Many times I have told myself, that if I could write a novel, I could do anything. And of course that’s probably not true but, then again, it might be. Because, what does it take to do something, that seems both unimaginable and impossible? Well, that you can read many books about, which I have done myself, but what I read came first to use the moment I began to notice and understand my own communication with myself and also when I became aware of the reasons for my choices. When I not only understood the content of the books, but also experienced what it really felt like to want, dare, trust and do, I began to see the impossible as possible.



Contact me here if you need mentoring during the process of moving forward with your project.



Most of my life I have guided others without considering to use it in a work-related context. Then eight years ago, I got a job as a mentor to vulnerable and challenged young people. Guiding was suddenly a job and something that people started to associate with me. Today, I'm no longer an employee, but instead I have chosen to focus on mentoring through my own business to help anyone, who wishes to move forward in life. The energy that is being released when each of us finds out how much we are worth and how much we are actually capable of, is not comparable with anything else. To me, it is fuel in the best way possible, which moves me from one place to another. Fuel that, in general, moves mountains - and people.

"Mentoring is a working relational experience through which one person empowers and enables another by sharing their wisdom and resources."


- Paul Stanley and Robert Clifton

I HAVE ALWAYS FELT, that if I can do it, you can do it, and that is still how I feel. But I find it important to remember to turn around the sentence: If you can do it, I can do it. It's all about will, and in the end how important that specific thing is to you. What and how much are you willing to pay?

GOOD ENERGY CREATED BY ONE PERSON brings good energy to the other. In other words: Good brings good. Therefore, being successful and wanting the best of life is in my opinion not a selfish project. Enthusiasm, courage, trust and happiness infect us just as much as negativity does. It is up to oneself to choose what to focus on, and what we want to believe, and what we don’t want to believe.

WITH THE MINDSET that the world would be a better place if more people understood how to appreciate and recognize themselves as well as exploit their own potential, it is my mission to release that understanding and bring it into action. The more people we are, living our life through joy, courage and trust, the more good energy we can create and through that get more people to shine.

© Pernille Bernitt Sommer